2016.12 hotel supplies exhibition

23rd international hotel supplies exhibition in guangzhou


Welcome to Asia's largest hotel supplies exhibition, the annual guangzhou international hotel supplies, exhibition brings together our country, the United States, Italy, Germany, France and so on more than 20 countries hotel supplies exhibition, do better every year, large scale year after year. 23rd guangzhou international hotel supplies exhibition (2016) set of 32, 280000 square meters, eight product display area. We will be more efforts, continue to make our world region the largest and most products hotel supplies exhibition. We sincerely invite domestic and foreign hotel supplies manufacturers for the exhibition, and invites hotel procurement staff and dealers, agents at the appointed time to visit, order.


A, the exhibition schedule:


1. On December 9, 2016-11 companies to report for duty; (between 9 am and 5 PM);


2. The solstice December 12 to 14, 2016 merchants to negotiate orders;


3. On December 14, 2016, 4 PM move-in.


Second, the booth fee standards


Area A pavilion pavilion 5.1 1.1 RMB 8800 each standard booth of 9 m2, light to RMB 8400/9 square meters, light to 27 square meters, the (Angle charge 20%), area A 1.2 pavilion 5.2 pavilion, B area and C area each standard booth of 9 m2 for 7800 yuan, light to RMB 7400/9 meters, light to 27 square meters, the (Angle charge 20%), the above prices are not including carpet, A table with inside standard booths; Two stools, a light tube, a power socket, lintel board bearing the company a; The light does not deserve any facilities. Everyone who rent the light booth exhibitors must be due to the pavilion fees 30 yuan per square meter.


Three, exhibition area:


A zone: glass, ceramic, etc., clean, stone care, stainless steel products, such as the lobby supplies, titanium products, hotel furniture, hotel supplies, such as guest room electrical appliances and other products.


B area: the kitchen equipment and supplies, food machinery and supplies, baking equipment and supplies, refrigeration equipment and supplies, etc.


Area C: coffee and coffee machine, such as food, beverage, wine, hotel furniture, hotel supplies, room appliances, etc.


The above products exhibition hall distribution details, please refer to the exhibit products distribution diagram


Four, catalogue advertising:


Catalogue specification for magnanimous 16 color printing; Cover 15000 yuan (RMB); Back 12000 yuan (RMB); Inside front cover 10000 yuan (RMB); Inside back cover 8000 yuan (RMB); Color inside 5000 yuan (RMB); Black and white advertisements every version of the 2500 yuan (RMB); Text ads every version of the 1500 yuan (RMB).


Five, the enterprise registration participation matters needing attention


1, the exhibitors are required to fill in (the application form), build official seal of the company after the fax or mail it to my company, my company received after and enterprises signed a formal contract.


2, exhibitors booth confirmation, 5 days to deal with the booth fee 50% as deposit, the balance would be 2 months before the exhibition, overdue don't pay, to undertake unit does not guarantee the order of the booth, booth change please forgive me.


3, enterprises pay the booth, please by bank transfer, by cheque, please fill out to undertake unit name on the cheque.


4, with unpredictable and irresistible factors, the organizers shall have the right to shorten or extend, delay or cancel the exhibition.


5, in view of the assembly of the whole need or have a special reason, both sides talks things over to change the booth location, exhibitors should cooperate to perform.


6, exhibitors may not be transferred to stand on its own, can not carry inflammable, explosive, toxic goods such as play, otherwise the organizers have the power to clear out of the pavilion, the participation fee will not be returned and retain the power of the exhibitors shall be investigated for legal responsibility.


7, the exhibition site to eliminate toys, planes, cases, bags, and looked at the mirror, small massager, cutting tools, jewelry, necklace and not hotel supplies related products exhibition, once found the organizers have the power to clear out the pavilion, cash will not be returned.


8, exhibitors shall not infringe others' intellectual property rights of the products on display, if you have found that the organizers shall have the right to jointly with relevant departments to seal the infringing products and cleared the pavilion, the cost will not be returned.


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